the Party Spud Club NFT collection

6 NFT artwork collections giving trading-, earning-, gaming- and exclusive lifestyle utilities to its owners:

  • Party Spud NFTs
  • Magic Spud Mash NFTs
  • LadySpud NFTs
  • BabySpud NFTs
  • 3D Metaverse Spud NFTs
  • Party Pets NFTs

Our NFTs will be dropped in small batches over the next 10 years, don't miss your chance to own your own Party Spud and become member of thé Club

the Party Spud Club NFT marketplace

We are creating our very own Marketplace for trading NFTs from the Party Spud Club NFT Collection and other NFT projects using our own Crypto Coin "SPUD".

Every NFT-project for sale on our Marketplace will be vetted and doxxed by our specialists so we can give you the peace of mind that you will never invest in any scam or rug-pull anymore!


Think Cooking Fever meets Pictionary.

Details will be disclosed at later time Stay tuned...


In Q4 2022 we will launch our very own Online Casino.
As soon as the Metaverse will become real, we will transform this into a Metaverse Casino.

Spud Party Place

We will have our own Party Spud Club social platform in the metaverse with access to other metaverse worlds:

  • ↳ PSC NFT P2E Game in the metaverse
  • ↳ CAMPAII Party World
  • ↳ Party Spud Club Metaverse Casino
  • ↳ Party Spud Club Foodie World
  • ↳ Metaverse TomorrowLand
  • ↳ Other Concert and Music platforms
  • ↳ Whatever the DAO decides...


ICO of our cryptocoin SPUD.
Roadmap will be revealed soon...


The roadmap for CAMPAII project will be released soon!

CAMPAII is a Global Party Application and the project also includes a Metaverse Social Party platform linked to real world and metaverse activities.


About 10% of all revenue of the Party Spud Club Project will go to our Charity:
Jovem Project by where Peruvian Young Entrepreneurs learn how to make and sell real Spuds.

Solid International

Check out our roadmap!