Every Party Spud has the following utilities:

  • Yearly Passive Income from the proceeds of:
    • Royalties of the PSC NFTs
    • PSC NFT MarketPlace
    • PSC NFT P2E Game P2E
    • The Metaverse Spud Party Place
  • Invitation to 5 yearly REAL LIFE PARTIES!
    • Agenda 2022: Scotland, TomorrowLand, Barcelona, Ushuaia Ibiza, Tullum, Mexico
  • Possibility to mutate with Magic Spud Mash
  • Preferred access to PSC NFT Marketplace
  • Free access to and lifetime VIP-status in PSC NFT P2E Game
  • Preferred access to the Spud Party Place in the Metaverse
  • Lifetime VIP-tier subscription to party application CAMPAII
  • Possibility to mint a 3D-Metaverse Party Spud
  • WhiteList for Party Pets NFT Collection
  • Concierge VIP travel service (hosted by All-In Travel)
  • Profesional vetting service for other NFT investments
  • A unique NFT artwork of a Party Spud
  • Belonging to an amazing closed community IRL and online

PartySpuds are THE reference in Partying in real life and on the Metaverse...

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